14 Important Skills Front-End Developers Should Master in 2021

A front-end developer turns a design into reality using codes. Therefore, design plays an important role in front-end development. However, it may be difficult for a developer to understand the front-end design, as coding and designing require different sets of skills. Therefore, most front-end developers are not proficient in front-end designing and the work of development may suffer due to this reason. In this article, you will find some concepts and rules that are easy to follow for the developers. These tips for front-end developers will be helpful if you have difficulty understanding the front-end designing. These tips will help you move from the beginning to the completion of a project without ruining the design and you will even notice an improvement in the project of front-end development.

14.Essential Skills to Level-Up Your Game as a Front-End Developer in 2021. Focusing on Right Framework.
1. Focusing on Right Frameworks

The front-end developers, who are working with the JavaScript frameworks or looking forward to work with this framework, have to focus on ReactJS (Facebook) and VueJS in 2021. On GitHub, Vue and React are at the top with 175,000 stars and 159,000 stars respectively. Angular is lagging behind with 67,500 stars. Vue and React even lead the race of popularity based upon the search volume in 2019. Angular has failed to keep up with the search-volume of React and Vue whereas Svelte has failed to make any mark. Thus, React or Vue is likely to become the primary choice of many front-end developers in 2021. However, Angular will be a better option for large front-end development projects.

2.Writing Clean Code

It is equally important to learn the concepts of clean codes if you want to become an expert and senior web developer. The clean codes have the following qualities.

  • Focused
  • Elegant
  • Easy to read
  • No duplications
  • Minimum use of entities (methods, classes and function)

When developing clean codes, you may benefit from the following practices.

  • Provide meaningful names to the classes/variables/methods/functions
  • Functions will be small containing as little arguments as possible
  • Comments are not necessary, as a clean code will speak for itself

3. IDEs or Code Editors

The VS-Code of Microsoft will be the most wanted editor for the majority of the front-end engineers in 2021. It has features similar to the IDE (Integrated Development Environment), such as highlighting, code completion etc. The extension marketplace also increases the usefulness of VS-Code where front-end developers will find the following extensions.

  • JavaScript (ES6) code snippets
  • Prettier
  • npm
  • Vetur
  • CSS Peek
  • Live Sass Compiler
  • Debugger for Chrome
  • ESLint
  • Live Server
  • Beautify

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